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Sherry Black Investigation Reward Guidelines

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·         Up to $250,000 for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

·         This reward is being offered by the friends of Sherry Black.

·         Any person, except as restricted below, who directly contacts the SSLPD and gives information which leads to the arrest and indictment (or equivalent) of an adult or juvenile will be eligible for a partial or complete reward.

·         The SSLPD is responsible for collecting and prioritizing all tips.

·         All tipsters will remain anonymous unless they choose not to be.

·         Under unique circumstances, where the purpose of solving this crime may best be served by doing so, some of the reward money may be approved and paid prior to the arrest, indictment or apprehension of the perpetrator(s).

·         The following persons are not eligible for this reward:

   A commissioned law enforcement officer and members of his/her immediate family.

   The perpetrator or co-perpetrator of the crime.

·         If more than one person furnishes information about the crime or perpetrator, the reward money shall be divided as the committee deems appropriate, based primarily upon the relative importance of the tipster’s information.

·         The reward(s) will be paid out in a manner that allows tipsters to remain anonymous. 

·         The SSLPD will coordinate payment of the reward with the tipster(s).

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